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Our privacy Policy is simple. Your email & details are 100% safe and will never be used for any purpose other than to allow you access and use of this website. We may also send you site update news from time to time. This site is hosted on a secure server behind an electronic firewall in a high security hosting facility.

Audioindy suffers from spam on a daily basis as we all do, and we would encourage all users to join up with anti-spam coalitions & lobby their government where possible to hasten the removal of this wasteful practice from the www.

Spam mailing costs billions of dollars in wasted business time every year to countries around the globe, and with climate change being such an important issue today it is unacceptable that such a massive percentage of www bandwidth & resources are used simply to move spam mail around. While spam mailing by thoughtless companies & criminal gangs exists we will never have a secure reliable internet, so take some personal action today!

If you wanna know our personal rant politik then we'd go further and suggest that ALL forms of snail-mail spam also be made illegal, as this simply creates mountains of garbage which has to be disposed of. In Britain for example at the time of writing this (2007), we have approx 5-7 years left in the Uk before all our landfill space dissapears!

Surely junk mailing of rubbish should be unacceptable in a world facing severe climate change issues? - Why should we be paying to send ships loaded with rubbish to foreign countries for disposal when we can't even pay for people to go to college? - In our opinion this is just another example of government kissing the ass of big companies while talking about climate solutions to the people.

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