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Hi.I'm Domino.There's only one that sing,writesand plays music.
I started writing songs(words and Music) in early 1999(I am 21 now;I I will 22 in March) .My mother taught me some,then I have been(and still am),studying on my own.Iam a self-taught musician,although I got some help from a lady I stayed with awhile,Miss Willie Bell Hamilton,until she died in 2001.My mother,Mellie Fontainia,knows something about music,too,even though she was a doctor in Copenhagen.Some of my influencees are,The Beatles,Elvis Presley,Roy Orbison,Ray Charles,Barbra Striesand,Diana Ross,and many more.
I knew from an early age,I wanted to be a rock star.

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Iam using the instruments Miss Hamilton left behind when she died,as well as two guitars I have.I have an assortment of accoustic and electric guitars.

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New York
United States



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